BrainChanger for Young Professionals

Whether jumping into the job market or switching career paths

A new job can prove difficult. The ability to focus on tasks, pay attention to instructions, and solve complex problems quickly is essential to being successful in a competitive work environment.

utilizing the Concentrainer headband and app

Young professionals and even seasoned employees, may be able to improve focus, sleep, attention, and their ability to solve complex problems. This can be achieved by training the brain’s prefrontal cortex twice a week for 10-20 minutes with The Concentrainer headband and app.

Designed to increase blood flow

Each session is designed to increase blood flow to this crucial part of the brain and deliver the nutrients and oxygen necessary to help it operate more effectively.

Studies have shown[2] the repeated process of exercising the executive center of the brain can lead to a continuous, long-term increase in blood flow, which delivers more nutrients and oxygen. This increase in efficiency can improve overall mental performance.